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Working Girl

Word came down a few weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure that the appropriate parties were informed before sharing with the world. I’ve accepted a full-time position at the policy institute! What does that mean? I’ll be continuing on with my project, which is looking at the impact of tax policies on tobacco use here in the states. A lot of my work will be analyzing tribal tobacco policies, an area I’m particularly fond of. Having spent the better portion of my time in school focused on legislation rather than litigation, I recognize that I’m incredibly fortunate to have fallen into a position doing just that.

I’ve made jokes in the past about post-grad employment in a difficult job market: namely that I’d be happy doing anything that didn’t involve body glitter. I’m happy to report that my future job requires minimal body glitter. I’m even happier to report that reading all of this tax language will likely make my use of Turbo Tax that much easier… and isn’t that what life is all about?

Salma Hayek as Serendipity in the Kevin Smith classic, "Dogma" (a personal favorite).

On a final note, I’m currently sitting in my last law school class. Ever. And yes, Salma Hayek is dancing in her bra on my computer screen during my public interest law class…

4 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. Congrats!! That is fantastic news. It must feel awesome to have a job lined up in your field of choice….well earned I am sure. Salma is looking………perky!

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