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Tunnel of Love

I have seventeen days left until graduation from law school: a 17-day tunnel before I hit the “light” of juris doctor.

This whole tunnel thing got me thinking (as I was on hold with various states’ Depts of Revenue, no less). You know what’s kind of creepy? Tunnels of Love. The whole concept of an entire amusement park ride dedicated to giving couples 20 minutes alone in the dark is just a very strange and creepy idea… and don’t get me started on the guys who actually OPERATE the ride. I can’t imagine that these still exist anywhere. In a world full of Sybarii and, you know, autonomy (i.e. having your own space), there are more effective (less antiquated) ways to get handsy. Random tangent. Oh, but then again, THIS is what Victoria’s Secret catalogs looked like back when Tunnels of Love were a lot more pervasive. I can’t tell if that awesome one-shouldered night gown is more gown than night, but I want all of it (hairstyles included)…

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