Mirth Day

Mirth Day

Today was my birthday, and it struck me tonight that I only have 364 more days of being a 20-something. I used to think that I wasn’t one to put much stake into “timelines,” but that was when I was 22 and there were no timelines. In the last few years, I’ve found myself getting … Continue reading

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Pack Rat

Well, it’s nearly here! Hood to Coast is FRIDAY, and I’ve been mentally preparing myself for the tetris of packing all week. Normally, packing for a relay can be a bit challenging in the sense that you need things accessible, compartmentalized, and easy. I decided to up the difficulty level by adding an extra week … Continue reading

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Today is my dad’s birthday, and I almost forgot… which is better than that one year I called him and wished him a happy birthday a month early. It’s not that I don’t know his birthday. It’s that I’m an idiot. Although the date is marked on my calendar, my brain has been in a … Continue reading