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This reminder has stood quietly with me at the bus stop for almost two years. At times, it’s been more poignant – a reminder of what I need to do – but it normally sits forgotten under my feet. Yesterday, in the sun of another beautiful fake Spring day in Chicago, I finally documented what’s … Continue reading

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Make It Rain

It’s the SINGLES ISSUE! I’ve officially gone viral, folks. Still holding my breath on the “comments” section of the online version. So far, I’ve only had to dodge a seemingly friendly bit of advance warning me against being picky for fear I end up old and childless. 1962 called. They want their social norms back. … Continue reading

My Weakened

My Weakened

Sometimes you have those nights where you end up at that one bar that makes people groan or scratch their heads. And by “end up” I mean your night started on your couch with two glasses of wine and the middle 45 min of “He’s Just Not That Into You.” What changed? You heard The … Continue reading